Royal Aircraft Factory

The Royal Aircraft Factory was originally created as HM Balloon Factory in 1908 and renamed the Royal Aircraft Factory (RAF) in 1911.

Between 1911 and 1918 the Royal Aircraft Factory generated a number of aircraft designs, most of which were research aircraft, but a few went into mass production. The bulk of production was by private British companies.

Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a

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The Scout Experimental 5 was designed by Henry P. Folland, J. Kenworthy and Major Frank W. Goodden of the Royal Aircraft Factory (based at Farnborough) and was originally designed the Hispano-Suiza 8a V8 engine. The first prototype flew on 22 November 1916.

The S.E.5a differed from previous versions with the change in powerplant to the geared 200 hp Hispano-Suiza 8b. Further change in engine manufacture led to the standardised fitting of the Wolseley Viper engine (a version of the Hispano-Suiza made under licence by the Wolseley Motor Company).


SE5a, May 2008

The Shuttleworth Collection's SE5a recorded May 2008. This is the only flying original S.E.5a. Originally serial F904 of No. 84 Squadron RAF it then flew as G-EBIA from September 1923 to February 1932. After restoration it was painted as D7000, then restored to its original markings as F904.

This aircraft is powered by a Wolseley Viper engine.

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SE5a recorded May 2011

Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a recorded 1st May 2011

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