Rearwin Cloudster

The Rearwin Cloudster was a civil utility aircraft produced in the United States in 1939. It was a strut-braced, high-wing monoplane of conventional design with an enclosed cabin and fixed, tailskid undercarriage. It was a larger and more powerful derivative of the Rearwin Sportster with the 8090 and 8125 models having side-by-side seating instead of the Sportster's tandem seating. The 8135 Cloudster had three seats. Twenty examples were produced with tandem seating for Pan Am to use as trainers, and another 25 Cloudsters were exported as trainers to Iran.


Rearwin Cloudster 8125, recorded 4th July 2010

Ken-Royce 7F 125 h.p. engined - two seat Rearwin Cloudster 8125 G-EVLE, recorded 4th July 2010

Click for Rearwin Cloudster 8125 sound recording page

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