The Lockheed Corporation was formed in 1934, from what was originally the Loughead Aircraft Manufacturing Company.

The first successful aircraft was the Vega. The Vega became famous as the aircraft used to set and break recording making flights and is particularly associated with Amelia Earhart.


Lockheed CP-140 Aurora

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CP-140 Aurora at Geilenkirchen AB, Germany

The Lockheed CP-140 Aurora is a maritime patrol aircraft operated by Royal Canadian Air Force based on the Lockheed P-3 Orion. The Aurora is powered by 4 Allison T-56-A-14-LFE turboprop engines giving a range of 5,000 nm and a maximum speed of 405kt.

CP-140 Aurora, Grandsen, August 2011

Lockheed CP-140 Aurora maritime aircraft recorded at the Grandsen airshow, August 2011. The aircraft was flown by members of Royal Canadian Airforce 405 Maritime Patrol Squadron, based now at CFB Greenwood, Nova Scotia, Canada and was returning to it's wartime operating airfield at Gransden Lodge.

Click for CP-140 Aurora sound recording page

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