Klemm Light Aircraft Company

The Klemm Leichtflugzeugbau GmbH ("Klemm Light Aircraft Company") was a German aircraft manufacturer noteworthy for sports and touring planes of the 1930s.

Klemm 35D

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The Klemm Kl 35 was a German sporting and training aeroplane developed as a successor to the Kl 25. A product of Klemm Leichtflugzeugbau Gmbh it shared the same single-engine, cantilever low-wing configuration as the earlier machine, the major difference being the introduction of an inverted gull wing.

Klemm 35D Landing at Little Gransden, August 2009

Klemm 35D Landing at Little Gransden, August 2009. Recorded at a busy airshow.

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