Hawker Demon

The Hawker Demon was a fighter variant of the Hart light-bomber, and which the Air Ministry stated should be able to intercept the Hart. The intention was for the Demon to just be an interim fighter until the Hawker Fury, arguably the pinnacle of biplane fighter design, entered service. Over 200 of the Hawker Demon were built for the RAF. The Demon were powered by varying types of the Kestrel engine. It had an armament of a single rear .303 in (7.7 mm) Lewis Gun with two .303 in (7.7 mm) Vickers machine guns in the nose. Large numbers of the Hawker Demon were fitted with an hydraulically powered turret in the rear, which had been tested on the Hawker Hart. The Hawker Demon was also sold to the Royal Australian Air Force. The Demon saw only brief second-line operations during the Second World War.
Production of the Demon was by Hawker and by Boulton Paul Aircraft, Norwich.

Hart Two-Seat Fighter
Two-seat fighter version of the Hart. Used by No. 24 Squadron RAF. Later redesignated as the Hart Fighter.

Demon I
Two-seat fighter aircraft for the RAF.

Australian Demon I
Two-seat fighter aircraft for the RAAF similar to RAF version but fitted with a 600 hp (447 kW) Rolls Royce Kestrel V engine, 64 built.

Australian Demon II
Two-seat training version For the RAAF, standard Demon fitted with dual controls.

Turret Demon
Two-seat fighter version, fitted with a Frazer-Nash gun turret in the rear cockpit.

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Hawker Demon, August 2009

Newly restored Hawker Demon K8203 / G-BTVE display at Old Warden, recorded at its first public outing in August 2009.

The Demon is finished as per it original markings of 64 Sqn at Church Fenton.

This is the only high quality recording of this aircraft available.

Click for Hawker Demon, August 2009 sound recording page

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