Gloster Aircraft

The Gloster Aircraft Company, Limited, produced a famous lineage of fighters for the Royal Air Force (RAF): the Grebe, Gladiator, Meteor and Javelin. It also produced the Hawker Hurricane and Hawker Typhoon for the parent company Hawker Siddeley. Gloster also produced the first British gas turbine-powered aircraft and the only gas-turbine-powered Allied aircraft to see service in World War II, the Meteor.

Gloster Gladiator

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The Gloster Gladiator (or Gloster SS.37) first flew in September 1934 and was the last British-built biplane fighter used by the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the Royal Navy. The Gladiator was also the first fighter to be introduced with an enclosed canaopy, causing many pilots to prefer flying with it open. As it was the RAF's last biplane fighter aircraft it was rendered obsolete by newer monoplane designs even as the Gladiator was being introduced.

The UKs and the worlds only flying Bristol Mercury powered Gloster Gladiator is operated by the Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden.

Gloster Gladiator Engine Run Down

Close up sound recording of a Gloster Gladiator running down its engine after an energetic display.

Powered by a single Bristol Mercury IX radial engine, 850 hp (630 kW)

Recorded August 2008.

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Gloster Gladiator, May 2009

The Shuttleworth Collection's Gloster Gladiator during an air display.

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Gloster Gladiator, July 2010

Gloster Gladiator, recorded July 2010, Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden.

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Gloster Gladiator recorded July 2011

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Gloster Gladiator July 2011 Recording 2

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