Folland Gnat

Folland Gnat PairThe Folland Gnat was a small, swept-wing British subsonic jet trainer and light fighter aircraft developed for the Royal Air Force, and flown extensively by the Indian Air Force. It was designed by W.E.W. Petter, and first flew in 1955. Its design was such that it could be built without specialised tools by countries that were not highly industrialised.

Although never used as a fighter by the Royal Air Force (RAF), the "Gnat T.1" trainer variant was widely used. The Gnat became well known as the mount for the RAF Red Arrows aerobatic team.

The Gnat also achieved export success, particularly with India, the largest foreign operator who manufactured the aircraft under license. India then developed the HAL Ajeet, a modified and improved variant. -


G-RORI XR583 Folland Gnat T Mk 1 & G-TIMM XS111 Folland Gnat T MK 1

G-RORI XR583 Folland Gnat T Mk 1 & G-TIMM XS111 Folland Gnat T MK 1 recorded August 2009.

Click for Folland Gnat T Mk 1 G-RORI XR583 & G-TIMM XS111 sound recording page

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