Fiat Aviazione

Fiat Aviazione was an Italian aircraft manufacturer, at one time part of the Fiat group, focused mainly on military aviation. After the World War I, Fiat consolidated several Italian small aircraft manufacturers, like Pomilio and Ansaldo. Most famous were Fiat biplane fighter aircraft of the 1930s, Fiat CR.32 and Fiat CR.42. Other notable designs were fighters CR.20, G.50, G.55 and a bomber, the Fiat BR.20. In 1950s, the company designed the G.91 light ground attack plane. In 1969, Fiat Aviazione merged with Aerfer to create Aeritalia, which would become Alenia Aeronautica in 1990.

Fiat G.46

Click for Fiat G.46 sound recordings page

The Fiat G.46 was a military trainer developed in Italy shortly after World War II.

Fiat G.46 Trainer recorded at Gransden Airshow, August 2008

A series of fly pasts of a Fiat G.46 Trainer G-BBII recorded at Little Gransden Airshow, August 2008

Click for Fiat G.46, August 2008 sound recording page

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