Chilton Aircraft Sound Recordings

Chilton Aircraft Ltd manufactured the Carden Ford engined DW.1 sporting aircraft. The company was founded in early 1937 by two ex de Havilland Technical School students, the Hon. Andrew Dalrymple and A.R. Ward. It established a small factory at Chilton Foliat, near Hungerford in Berkshire, from which location the firm's name was derived.

The sound recordings here are of the prototype DW.1, G-AESZ, operated from Old Warden.

The founders designed a very small, low-powered, but fast, sporting monoplane, designated the Chilton D.W.1. The Carden Ford 32 h.p. gave it a declared top speed of 112 mph, but during racing, 129 mph was eventually reached.

Chilton DW 1 Aircraft Sound Recordings

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The first three Chilton DW.1 aircraft were powered by the 32 h.p. Carden Ford automobile water-cooled engine. The Carden Ford engine was lightened and modified for aircraft use. Initial flight trials with the prototype DW.1 G-AESZ were made by Ranald Porteous at Witney airfield in April 1937.

The Chilton DW.1 is still being built today by a group of dedicated enthusiasts.

Chilton DW 1, G-AESZ, June 2009

Recording of Carden Ford engined Chilton DW 1, G-AESZ, at Old Warden, June 2009. G-AESZ was the prototype DW.1 produced by Chilton.

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