Bristol Aircraft

Bristol F2.b FighterThe forerunner British and Colonial Aeroplane Company, Ltd was founded in 1910 by Sir George White at Filton near Bristol and was unique in its incorporation as business venture whearas contemporary compannies were set up by enthusiasts with little financial backing or business organisation.

Bristol's first successful design was the Bristol Boxkite maufactured in June 1910. In July 2010, the Company formed a flying school at Brooklands and Larkhill.

In 1914 Frank Barnwell became chief designer and one of Barnwell's first designs, the Bristol Scout, was one of the first fighter aircraft to enter British service. Later on came the mass-produced two-seat Bristol Fighter, successful as both a light bomber and a scout which became one of the backbones of the Royal Flying Corps (RFC).

The sounds of both the Bristol Boxkite and Bristol Fighter can be found on this web site.

Bristol F2.b Fighter

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Bristol F2.b FighterThe Bristol F.2 Fighter "Brisfit", is a two-seat Rolls-Royce Falcon powered biplane fighter and scout aircraft of the First World War. Although being a two-seater, the F.2B proved to be an agile aircraft that was able to hold its own against opposing single-seat fighters. The F.2B's solid design ensured that it remained in military service into the 1930s and surplus aircraft were popular in civil aviation.

The Bristol fighter's basic design stemmed from design studies by Frank Barnwell or an aircraft in the same class as the R.E.8 and the F.K.8. The eventual design became reality with the availability of the 190 hp (142 kW) Rolls-Royce Falcon I inline engine, around which the aircraft was modelled.

Bristol Fighter, May 2008

Recording of Bristol F2b Fighter, May 2008. The Brisfit is probably my favourite sounding aircraft. Recorded using NT4 and FR2-LE rig at Old Warden.

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Bristol Fighter Recorded June 2009

Bristol Fighter Recorded June 2009. Recorded using NT4 and FR2-LE rig.

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Bristol Fighter 1, recording date unknown

The preserved Bristol Fighter operated by the Shuttleworth Collection. Recording date unknown.

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Bristol Fighter 2, sound recording date unknown

The preserved Bristol Fighter operated by the Shuttleworth Collection. Recording date unknown.

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Bristol Fighter, 6th June 2010

Bristol Fighter, recorded 6th June 2010

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Bristol M1.C

Bristol M1.C Replica, recorded at the Shuttleworth Collection

Click for Bristol M1.C sound recording page

Bristol Boxkite Replica

Bristol Boxkite Replica recorded Old Warden, 4th May 2008

Click for Bristol Boxkite sound recording page

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