Blackburn Aircraft Limited

The origins of Blackburn date back to its founder, Robert Blackburn, who built his first aircraft in 1908 and The Blackburn Aeroplane & Motor Company was created in 1914. Blackburn Aircraft Limited concentrated mainly on naval and maritime aircraft.

With the acquisition of the Cirrus-Hermes company in 1937, Blackburn then started producing aircraft engines - the Blackburn Cirrus range.

The company amalgamated with General Aircraft Limited in 1949 as Blackburn and General Aircraft Limited. Aircraft production operation was then absorbed into Hawker Siddeley in 1960. Engine operations became Bristol Siddeley and the Blackburn name was dropped completely in 1963.

Blackburn B2

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The Blackburn B-2 was a British biplane side-by-side trainer aircraft of the 1930s. Designed and built by Blackburn Aircraft, 42 were built.

The prototype first flew on 10 December 1932, powered by a de Havilland Gipsy III engine and a total of 42 B-2s were built.

Only two B-2s survived to fly postwar with the sole survivor (G-AEBJ) preserved and maintained in airworthy condition by BAe Systems and displayed in airworthy condition as part of the Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden. All the recordings you can find here are from that aircraft.

Blackburn B2, August 2009

Blackburn B2 G-AEBJ recorded August 2009.

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Blackburn B2, May 2009

Blackburn B2 G-AEBJ recorded May 2009.

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