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An Armstrong Siddeley radial engined biplane, A.V. Roe's Type 621 Tutor was a two-seat British from the interwar period. Simple but rugged, an trainer that was used by the Royal Air Force as well as many other air arms worldwide.


Designed by Roy Chadwick as an Avro private venture metal replacement for the Avro 504, it was conceived as a light initial pilot trainer. The biplane design featured heavily staggered equal span, single-bay wings; the construction was based on steel tubing (with some wooden components in the wing ribs) with doped linen covering. A conventional, fixed divided main undercarriage with tail skid was used in all but the latest aircraft, which had a tail wheel.

Powered by either by a 155 hp (116 kW) Armstrong Siddeley Mongoose or Armstrong Siddeley Lynx IV (180 hp/130 kW) or IVC (240 hp/179 kW) engine. Later Lynx-powered models had the engine enclosed in a Townend ring cowling. The Mongoose powered version was called the 621 Trainer and the more numerous Lynx engined aircraft the Tutor. The Tutor also differed by having a more rounded rudder.


AVRO Tutor, Old Warden

The Shuttleworth Collection's AVRO Tutor recorded at Old Warden. Powered by a 155 hp (116 kW) Armstrong Siddeley Mongoose radial engine. This is a recording of the only flying example to be found today.

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AVRO Tutor, 4th July 2010

The Shuttleworth Collection's AVRO Tutor, recorded 4th July 2010, Old Warden

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